The ship's energy source.

This Node will allow you to change your ship's Energy capacity, regeneration, overcharge capacity, overload duration, reload speed, and overload protection.

The Primary components (see Hangar) in this Node grant you the Reload ability (usually).

Archetype interactionEdit

This Node is largest in Casters and Arsenals, medium-sized in Rogues and Grapplers, and small in Fighters.

Primary Power Hub Edit

All primary power hubs increase energy capacity, energy regen, and energy overcapacity. Some may also modify other attributes.

Energy capacity is the amount of energy your ship can normally hold. It's the blue bar in the upper left side of the HUD. When launching, your ship starts with a full energy bar.

Energy regen is how fast you regain energy.

You can gain energy over the normal energy capacity. This extra energy goes into energy overcapacity. It's shown by a brighter blue bar overlapping the normal blue for energy. Your ship will also have lightning arcing around it. A ship with extra energy is Overcharged. Some abilities only work when your ship is Overcharged; most of these abilities belong to Casters.

If the energy bar fills up twice, then your ship Overloads. Your hull is damaged and your ship shuts down as the extra energy is vented. Once the overload state is finished, your energy will be at the normal energy capacity again. Some equipment increases the damage that overload does. This added damage is additive instead of multiplicative. For example, the Long Cycle Power Hub will add 8.89% to the base overload damage of 35% to get 43.89%.

Most primary power hubs grant the Reload ability, which resets your energy to the normal energy capacity maximum. Some may also increase or decrease the time needed to Reload.

A ship with no power hub has base Energy Capacity 75, Energy Regen +0 p/s, Energy Overcapacity 50, Reload Time 1.5 seconds (but cannot Reload), overload duration 4 seconds, and overload damage 35%

Your Reload time can never go below 0.75 seconds. It is possible to give yourself negative Energy Regen, which will cause your ship to lose energy over time.

Name Equipment Tag Size Energy Capacity Energy Regen Energy Overcapacity Reload Time
Basic Power Hub POW-1P-MS 1 +139 +4 p/s +56 +0.44 seconds
Long Cycle Power Hub POW-2P-MS 2 +439 +3.16 p/s +88
Short Cycle Power Hub POW-3P 3 +154 +17.7 p/s +246
Advanced Power Hub POW-3P-MS 3 +286 +8.23 p/s +114 +0.49 seconds
Twin Cycle Power Hub POW-4P-MS 4 +562 +1.62 p/s +225 -0.45 seconds
Buffered Power Hub POW-5P-MS 5 +356 +17.97 p/s +1426 +2.33 seconds
Volatile Power Hub POW-6P 6 +126 +36.27 p/s +101
Ubertank Power Hub POW-6P-MS 6 +838 +24.14 p/s +1341 +2.78 seconds
Name Overload Duration Overload Damage Cruise Speed Mass Reload?
Basic Power Hub Yes
Long Cycle Power Hub +0.44 seconds +8.89% Yes
Short Cycle Power Hub +0.61 seconds +12.29% No
Advanced Power Hub Yes
Twin Cycle Power Hub +0.4 seconds +7.91% Yes
Buffered Power Hub +0.97 seconds Yes
Volatile Power Hub +0.58 seconds +11.59% No
Ubertank Power Hub -55.61 m/s +13.59 Mg Yes

Power Hub Parts Edit

Power hub parts can increase the primary power hub's performance or provide additional abilities. Each of these use one slot.

Unique Parts Edit

Only one copy of these parts can be equipped at once.

Name Equipment tag Reload Time Energy Regen Ability
Overcharge Converter POW-1U-PA Overcharger
Reload Speed Module POW-1U -0.44 seconds
Overclocked Reload Speed Module POW-1U -0.89 seconds -4 p/s

Component Parts Edit

These parts can be equipped any number of times.

Name Equipment Tag Energy Capacity Energy Regen Energy Overcapacity Reload Time Heat Delta
Thermal Energy Regen Module POW-1C +6.67 p/s +0.15 seconds +1.11 p/s
Overcharged Capacity Module POW-1C +222
Energy Regen Module POW-1C +5.33 p/s +0.15 seconds
Energy Max Module POW-1C +185 +0.15 seconds

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