Multi-directional weaponry and defenses.

This node is specific to Arsenals. It contains a series of utility, defense and field abilities.

Active Abilities Edit

Athenos Defense Platform - Rapid-fire anti-projectile laser.

Contra Nova Launcher - Fire projectiles in a spiral around you.

Deployed Entity Gathering System - Attaches turrets and other deployables to you with an energy tether.

Directional Shield - Damage resistance in a direction you choose.

Fortify Structure Device - Structures and deployables become immune to damage.

Illiad Missiles - Fires guided missile.

Nemesis Retaliation Array - Hits attackers for the same damage they deal to you.

P.I.N. - Slows an enemy in the direction you choose.

Rescue Relay - Repairs damaged friendly.

Seeker Omnibattery - Fires guided missile in the direction you choose.

Triadic Mine Omnibattery - Fires three mines in the direction you choose.

Passive Abilities Edit

Active Laser Defense System - Anti-projectile laser.

Auto-Snare System - Slows enemy closest to you.

Reactive Shield - Increases damage resistance in direction you were most recently hit, take more damage in the other direction.

Replay Salvo - Hitting with a rocket ability has a chance to fire another, free rocket.

Salvaging Device - Defeating enemies refills payload.

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