Devastating close-quarter weaponry.

This Node is specific to Grapplers. Contains the melee primary attacks as well as related passives.

Active Abilities Edit

Asteroid Breaker - Basic melee ability.

Drilling Beam - Project a short cone of energy in front of you.

Gamma Hammer - Giant energy hammer. Tap to bash an enemy in front of you, or charge up to swing it all around you.

Plasma Disc Cutter - An energy saw blade orbits around you.

Plasma Torch - Short-ranged flamethrower.

Resonant Lash - Melee ability that can be fired more and more quickly the more hits you get with it.

Shield Bash - Hold for an energy shield in front of you, release to hit opponents in front of the shield.

The Drill - Place a drill with a magnetic field that draws enemies.

The Grinder - Send a saw blade in a straight line and back in the direction of your choice.

Passive Abilities Edit

Advanced Melee Plating - Provides damage reduction against melee attacks.

Dampening Pitons - Melee abilities also apply friction.

Grapple Pitons - Melee abilities place an energy beam that pulls enemies close.

Optimized Rig - Active abilities in this node need less energy and generate less heat.

Piercing Pitons - Enemies hit with melee suffer from a debuff that makes them take more damage when hit in the same direction you hit them from.

Siphon Rig - Hits with melee attacks heal you.

Supplemental Servos - Active abilities in this node can be used more quickly.

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