Generate waves of force that push away opponents and projectiles. Also contains weapons with wide areas of effect.

This Node is specific to Casters. Mostly contains abilities that cause forces on enemy ships and projectiles.

Active Abilities Edit

Antigravity Field Generator - Create a field that pushes away ships and projectiles.

Dark Matter Orb Launcher - Fire orbs with a gravity field that pulls opponents.

Gravector Beam - Fire an impulse beam that pushes opponents.

Gravity Field Emitter - Create a field that pulls in ships and projectiles.

MADRATi Pulsar Generator - Fires an energy orb that sends out smaller projectiles before exploding.

Newtonian Wave Generator - Sends an impulse wave that pushes away ships in front of you and pushes yourself back.

Omni-Repulsor - An impulse blast in a ring around your ship, pushing away opponents and projectiles.

OmniShock Platform - Use impulse to push opponents and projectiles in the direction of your choice.

Photonic Blast Generator - Damages enemies around you.

Plasma Wave Generator - Fire a short-range, wide-angle plasma arc.

Stasis Ring Emitter - Creates friction fields in a ring around you.

Statopotential Emitter - Damages enemies around you; the more enemies in range, the more damage they take.

Tractor Beam - Pulls enemies in a narrow cone in front of you towards you.

Passive Abilities Edit

Auxiliary Repulsor - Use impulse abilities more quickly.

Gravectric Core - When killed, creates a gravity field. While not killed, can use non-hostile field effects in this node more quickly.

Gravlight Array - Impulse abilities now deal damage.

Persistent Repulsion Device - Your ship emits force that pushes away enemies and projectiles.

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