Jousting and other aggressive maneuvers.

This Node is specific to Grapplers. It contains movement abilities and Movement-related passives, as well as melee Flails.

Active Abilities Edit

Ghost Brakes - Stops your ship and sends forward a projection that can deal collision damage.

Hunker System - Grants major damage reduction and shuts down your engines for a few seconds.

Joust Drive - Lunge forward and deal collision damage.

Joust Omni-Drive - Lunge and deal collision damage in a direction of your choice.

Photon Bat - Attack with an energy space bat.

Space Flail - Your ship tows a spiked mace head that you can send in directions of your choice.

Tele-Orb Cannon - Fire a ball that teleports you to the first enemy it hits.

Vault Flail - Your ship pulls an indestructible bank vault behind it.

X-Drive - Move forward and create images that deal damage.

Passive Abilities Edit

Advanced Anti-Mine Plating - Reduces damage taken from mines.

Agile Shields - High speed also increases shield regen.

Ionic Friction Emitter - Your ship has a friction field around it.

Kinetic Harvester - Using a movement ability also lets you deal extra damage.

Mending Gyros - Using a movement ability also heals you.

Zeal Shielding - Landing melee attacks grants damage reduction.

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