Deployable entities like turrets, shield generators, scanners, and tethering buoys.

This Node is specific to Arsenals. It contains mostly active Deploy and Mine abilities, as well as passives enhancing them.

Active Abilities Edit

Agriphontes Turret - Turret armed with a Mercurial Cannon.

Atamal Shield Generator - Deploys a large shield generator.

Energy Barrier Emitters - Place a laser beam that blocks enemy lasers and projectiles.

Friction Beam Drones - Deployable that slows enemies in range.

Hecebolus Turret - Turret armed with Longbow Rockets.

Maintenance Drones - Deployable that heals friendlies.

Neptune Turret - Turret armed with a Trident Cannon.

Photonic Ligament Buoy - Enemies that move too far from this deployable take damage.

Pluton Minelayer - Send out a drone that lays mines.

Polybolus Turret - Turret armed with a Repeating Photocaster.

Pounce Mines - Mines that launch themselves at an enemy they detect in range.

Remote Mines - Drops a mine that can be detonated manually.

Rocket-on-a-Rope - Fire a rocket that pulls you behind it.

Scanner Buoy - Deployable that scans area for cloaked enemies.

Sentinel Mines - Mines that launch themselves at enemies who hit you.

Tethering Buoy - Deployable that grabs enemies and keeps them close to it.

X-Beam Emitters - Deploy a spinning laser projector.

Passive Abilities Edit

Advanced Charged Mine Cores - Mines increase enemy's energy.

Advanced Sapping Mine Cores - Mines decrease enemy's energy.

Advanced Thermal Mine Cores - Mines increase enemy's heat.

Agile Deployment Bay - Deploy more deployables, use deployable abilities more quickly, deployables rotate more quickly.

Auxiliary Shield - An emergency shield generator that activates when your primary shields go down.

Deployable Auxiliary Thrusters - Deployables follow you.

Mending Payloads - Firing a payload-based weapon heals you.

S.H.A.R.E - Damage you take is shared with your deployables, and vice versa.

Veterancy Drone Cores - Deployables are faster, more accurate, and gain veterancy ranks.

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