Stores and disperses generated heat .

This Node will allow you to change your Heat capacity, regeneration, overcapacity, and overheat duration.

None of the primary components in this Node grant any abilities.

Archetype InteractionEdit

This Node is largest in Rogues, medium in all other Archetypes except Fighters.

Fighters do not have this Node. It is replaced with the Advanced Heat Sink which also contains all the equipment available for this node, and more.

Primary Heatsinks Edit

The heatsink node can fit one primary heatsink. A primary heatsink must be chosen before other Heatsink and Advanced Heatsink equipment can be loaded.

Heat capacity is the amount of heat that a ship can normally accumulate. At this stage, the heat bar at the bottom right of the HUD is either empty or filing up with red.

A ship can build up even more heat after the heat bar is full, shown by orange overlapping the red. At this point, the ship is Running Hot. Heat that can be stored at Running Hot is determined by Heat Overcapacity. Certain abilities can only be used when Running Hot, and certain abilities will only work on a ship that is Running Hot; Fighter pilots and those who expect to face Fighters running overheat builds should take note.

If the heat bar fills up twice, then the ship is Overheating. All systems shut down and the ship is disabled for a few seconds as emergency heat vents kick in. At the end of the shutdown period, heat is reset to 0.

Heat delta is the rate at which a heatsink removes heat. Heat delta is shown in the number of points of heat is removed per second. For example, the Basic Heatsink removes 3.33 points of heat per second.

A ship without any heatsink will have default values of 75 heat capacity, 50 heat overcapacity, -1.67 heat delta, and 3 second overheat duration.

Name Equipment Tag Size Heat Capacity Heat Overcapacity Heat Delta Cruise Speed Mass
Basic Heatsink HSK-1P 1 +22 +22 -3.33 p/s
Dual Coil Heat Sink HSK-2P 2 +0 +95 -3.56 p/s
Advanced Heat Sink HSK-3P 3 +49 +49 -7.37 p/s
Hyper Ventilated Heat Sink HSK-3P 3 +28 +28 -10.53 p/s
Plasma Coil Heat Sink HSK-4P 4 +0 +169 -6.33 p/s
Omni Coil Heat Sink HSK-5P 5 +113 +113 -17 p/s -28.33 +4.72
Assassin Heat Sink HSK-6P 6 +62 +62 -18.54 p/s

Additional Heatsink Parts Edit

Once a primary heatsink is equipped, it can be further customized with additional heatsink parts. The Overheat Recovery Module and Catalytic Coolant are Unique-type equipment that can be equipped once. The other parts are Component-type equipment, which you can equip more than one copy of. Each part needs one slot.

Unique Parts Edit

Name Equipment Tag Heat capacity Heat overcapacity Heat delta Overheat duration Energy regen
Overheat Recovery Module HSK-1U -0.33 seconds
Catalytic Coolant HSK-1U +1.67 p/s -0.5 seconds

Component Parts Edit

Name Equipment Tag Heat capacity Heat overcapacity Heat delta Overheat duration Energy regen
Overheat Capacity Module HSK-1C +44
Max Module HSK-1C +44
Cooling Module HSK-1C -3.33 p/s
Charged Cooling Module HSK-1C -4.44 p/s -1.33 p/s

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