Pull and push opponents and objects.

This Node is specific to Grapplers. Contains mostly grappling abilities that decrease distance between you and target for a certain amount of time.

Active Abilities Edit

Cargo Loader - Grab an enemy and hold them in front of you. Grabbed enemies are disabled while held.

Electromagnetic Flail - Tows a flail that damages enemies around it. The flail draws enemies towards it.

Energy Chain System - Pull an enemy towards you.

Energy Hook System - Pull yourself towards an enemy.

Grapple Tether System - Pull yourself towards an enemy in a direction of your choice.

Mass Grapple - Pulls all nearby enemies towards you.

Repel Tether System - Pushes all nearby enemies away from you.

Scrapnel Cannon - Harvest scrap from opponents with the basic attack, then charge the ability to fire it in a shotgun blast.

The Big Bangerang - Throws a boomerang. Charge for more range.

Passive Abilities Edit

Energy Harvester - Destroyed enemies drop power-ups.

Magnetic Attractor - Magnetizes your hull, drawing enemies towards you.

Proximity Plating - Provides damage reduction based on how close you are to the enemy damaging you.

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