Build up Gemini Beacons on a target to unleash powerful weaponry and sabotage.

This Node is specific to Rogues. It contains abilities that place Gemini Beacons or consume them to disable or damage ships, as well as beacon-related passives.

Gemini Builder Abilities Edit

These abilities place Gemini Beacons on targets. Targets with beacons have green ticks marks around their targeting reticle. If they aren't being targeted by you (and thus there won't be a reticle on them), beacons are shown by yellow bars under their health meters. You can have up to four beacons placed at once. If you place another beacon when you have four out already, one of the previous ones is destroyed.

Gemini Laser Cannon - Fire a green laser that places a beacon.

Gemini Lash - A melee ability that places two beacons.

Gemini Trail - A line of mines that place beacons on whatever touches them.

Smart Rockets - A rocket that uses up a beacon to home in on a target, and places another beacon when it hits. If there are no beacons, rocket will fly straight forward.

Gemini Consumer Abilities Edit

These abilities use up Gemini Beacons to create various effects on enemies the beacons are on.

Beacon Detonator Array - Creates an explosion centered on the target.

Dioscuri Disarmament Signal - Disables weapons.

EPR Snare - Reduces target's speed.

Fractional Cannon - Reduces target's health by a certain percentage.

Gemini Lock - Disables target's weapons and engines.

Gemini Seeker Salvos - Fires guided rockets, one per beacon.

Gravector Signal - Places gravity well on target that draws projectiles.

Heatsink Disabler - Disables heatsink.

Lazarus Cannon - Steal health.

Matter Displacement System - Swap positions with target.

Pollux-Link Pitons - Creates energy chain tying target to you.

Shield Breaker Signal - Disables shield.

Active Abilities Edit

Smart Gatling - Fire a constant stream of photocaster bolts at target marked with beacons. Unlike other abilities here, this doesn't consume the beacons. Unlike the Smart Rocket, this will not fire without beacons.

Passive Abilities Edit

Other Gemini Beacon-related passive abilities.

Deadly Beacons - Placing beacons inflicts damage.

Migrating Beacons - When a target with beacons dies, the beacons move to another target.

Piercing Beacons - Targets with beacons take more damage when attacked from behind.

Recyclable Beacons - Creates 50% chance that beacons that are removed are immediately re-applied.

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