Powerful, precise laser-based weaponry.

This Node is specific to Fighters. It contains mostly Laser abilities and related passives.

Active Abilities Edit

Erasmus Cannon - A laser that deals damage and adds energy to target.

Featherfire Cannon - A shotgun blast of lasers.

Mercurial Cannon - Rapid-fire laser weapon.

Pulse Cannon - Fire laser bolts. Charge to increase damage and create bolts that explode for area of effect damage.

Rail Gun - Sniper rifle-like laser.

Thermal Cannon - Laser that deals damage and adds heat to target.

Titan Cannon - A heavy constant laser beam.

Vamp Beam - Laser that takes energy from target and gives it to you.

Passive Abilities Edit

Focusing Chamber - Abilities in this node cost less energy and add less heat.

Focusing Crystal - Lasers add heat.

Improved Photocell - Lasers deal more damage.

Photochannel Thrusters - Landing a hit with a Fixed Cannon ability enhances your speed.

Short-Cycle Chamber - Fixed Cannon abilities fire more quickly.

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