With Fighter Veterancy, Fighters' unmatched agility and heat management become even more powerful, with a number of bonuses that are linked to speed and heat levels. All Fighters should have the primary ability in this node, the Ace Drive.

Abilities Edit

Ace Drive - As you defeat enemies, you can use movement abilities and attacks more quickly.

Crash Plating - Provides damage reduction against environmental collisions.

Economizer - Standard movement no longer consumes energy or adds heat. Your movement and laser abilities need only half their usual energy and add half their usual heat.

Firebrand - You deal more damage to targets with high heat.

Frictive Shield - Trade mobility for durability.

Hawk Drive - You deal more damage when moving at high speed.

Heat Bleed - If you have high heat, enemies near you also gain heat.

Slip Plating - Debuffs that affect your movement have their duration reduced.

Stellar Shield - Moving quickly also increases your shield regeneration.

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