Manipulate gravity and space-time.

This Node is specific to Casters. Actually, only space-time. Gravity has been moved to the mass emitter Node.

Active Abilities Edit

Comet Relay - Summons comet with gravity well.

Disteleplace Array - Change places with your nearest deployable.

Forked Path Catalyst - Create clones of yourself.

Plexonic Absorption Portal - Create a portal. Enemies that fall into the portal are shot out in front of you.

Plexonic Accretion Ray - Increase size of opponents.

Ranged Photonic Detonator - Create explosions in front of you.

Recall Buoy - Create a buoy that you can teleport back to.

Starseeder - Creates a solar flare.

Telepotentiator - Create an image of yourself traveling in a direction of your choice. The image will teleport you in that direction.

Time Fracture Generator - Create time rift that returns to your location and status after five seconds.

Warp-Chaff - Leave warp-chaff behind you that blocks lasers and projectiles.

Passive Abilities Edit

Core Catalyzer - Defeated enemies explode.

Critical Time Loop Device - When defeated, you are instead reset to your status from 2 seconds ago.

D.E.A.D - Defeating enemies gives you energy and increases energy regen.

D.I.C.E - Inflicting damage gives you energy.

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