Sage skills are introduced after the player meets Solipso in the starting galaxy. The Corona is a highly valued chip that can be installed into an individual's head to grant access to the individual's Subrostrum, a mysterious space within the individual's mind. Inside the Subrostrum, the players goes through varying puzzle scenarios to unlock each different sage skills that can be equipped in the Corona.


  • More sage skills are introduced and taught by many different individuals throughout Story Mode.
  • Only 1 Active Sage skill can be equipped at a time.
  • All ships have a 5-slot Corona node.
  • Certain high priority AI units in Multiplayer mode are able to use these skills like other players.

List of Sage Skills (Active)Edit

Time Levee - Slows everything around the player, with the player's own movement having a little more flexibility than others. Can further be enhanced with Chronodrive for better mobility. Note: Opponents can also have this advantageous effect when equipped.

Martyr Field - Creates an aura for a period of time around the player's ship which heals all friendly units around the player whenever any form of damage is taken.

Sage Sight - Reveal all nearby stealth unit and amplify any damage they receive for a period of time. Units affected by this skill would have an eye aura on their ship.

Translocate - Instantly teleport the player's ship to the targeted location, even if impaired. Hold the skill key longer to increase its range before releasing the key to activate it.

Sage Nova - Project multiple orbs that chases down and damage nearby enemies.

Sage Circle - Form an shield around the player's ship that blocks any incoming missiles, lasers or other form of projectiles for a period of time. (including grapples)

Sage Wave - Pushes away all enemy ships and projectiles in front the player's ship when activated.

Sage Surge - Refill all payloads, remove all heat, restore all energy, and makes all abilities free for a period of time.

Break - Removes negative effects such as grapples or disables.

List of Sage Skills (Passive)Edit

Transcendence - Heals over time when no active sage skills are on cooldown.

Salvation - Heals 275 points whenever the player uses an active sage skill.

Black Worm - Grants stealth and makes you immune to Sage Sight.

Stubborn Thread - Reduce any incoming damage by 90% for a short period of time when the user's health falls below a certain percentage.

Amplifier - Reduce the cooldown of all Sage Skills by a percentage. (This affects other sage passive skills.)

Steadfast Thread - Reduces the time you are disabled or disarmed.

Swift Soul - Reduces all cooldowns for a short period of time whenever the player uses an active sage skill.

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