Stealth system and covert weaponry.

This Node is specific to Rogues. It contains mostly stealth passives relating to ship stealth, and active stealth hostile abilities.

Active Abilities Edit

Asp Rockets - Stealth rocket that deals more damage if it flies for longer.

Asp Turrets - Turret that fires Asp Rockets.

Blackthorns - Mines that launch themselves at an enemy you mark with a Gemini Beacon.

Disruptor Cone - A cone that cloaks friendlies, removes Gemini Beacons from them, and disables enemies.

Perlite Flash Emitter - Gain full cloak.

Shadowract Bombs - Heavier, slower version of Asp Rocket that deals more damage and in an area of effect.

Stealth Bomber Signal - Creates decoys that bomb an area.

Stealth Field Generator - Deployable that grants stealth to all friendlies.

Stealth Mines - Mines equipped with cloaking field.

Stealth Sentinels - Mines that can damage enemies and block projectiles orbit your ship.

Passive Abilities Edit

Advanced Avoidance Plating - Reduces area of effect damage taken.

Cloak and Dagger - Gives damage bonus when attacking from behind.

Cloaking Device - Primary cloak generator.

Perilium Harmonizer - Increases damage dealt depending on stealth level.

Perilium Phase Plating - Increases damage resistance depending on stealth level.

Perilium Sweepers - Removes Gemini Beacons from you.

R.I.P.P.E.R - Killing an opponent grants full stealth and finishes cooldowns for stealth and movement abilities.

Shield Scrambler - Enemies hit by you suffer from slower shield regeneration.

Stealth Module - Increases stealth.

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