Impulse-based movement abilities, energy manipulation, and algorythmic weaponry.

This Node is specific to Casters. It contains the two main movement abilities, the range of projectile-emitting colliders and passives involving energy levels.

Active Abilities Edit

Advanced Caster Drive - Use impulse to push yourself in a direction of your choice.

Caster Drive - Use impulse to push yourself forward.

Converging Collider - Fires two particles that arc in front of you to form a circle. When they hit, they create an explosion. Charge for a larger circle and more damage.

Helicoid Collider - Fires a ring of particles around you.

Protovolt Arcing Cannon - Laser that jumps between targets.

Rhodonea Collider - Projectiles that move in curving patterns around where you activated this ability.

Sparking Collider - Particles that stay for several seconds on the battlefield. Charge for more particles.

Super Sine Collider - Fires projectiles in a sine wave pattern. Charge for more projectiles.

Passive Abilities Edit

Arc Barrier - Gain 50% damage reduction when overcharged.

Arcing Tesla Core - When overloaded, damages and adds energy to nearby enemies.

Electromagnetic Pulse Device - When overloaded, creates an explosion that damages and adds energy to nearby enemies.

Energy Shield Core - Some of the damage you take is diverted to your energy instead of your health.

Excess Capacitor - Deal 30% more damage when overcharged.

Suiro Shielding - Taking damage increases your energy.

Thermal Circuits - Your energy regen also increases how quickly your ship dissipates heat.

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