Afterburners and inertial dampeners.

This Node allows you to change things such as Afterburner thrust, heat generation and energy drain, as well as dampening power and heat generation. It also contains the Chronodrive. See Mobility.

Currently contains a set of three primaries with different effects.

Archetype InteractionEdit

This node is largest in Fighters, and smaller everywhere else.

Primary Auxiliary Drive Edit

The primary auxiliary drive affects both afterburners and brakes. The mobility provided by afterburners is added to the mobility already being provided by the engine, but will drain energy and build up heat to match.

Afterburner thrust is the acceleration power that the auxiliary drive adds. Cruise speed is how the drive affects the ship's maximum speed. Afterburner drain and heat show how much energy is used and how much heat is added when the afterburners are active. Inertial dampening is the rate at which your brakes slow you down, and dampener heat is how much your brakes will increase heat when you're using them.

Name Equipment Tag Slots Afterburner Thrust Cruise Speed Afterburner Drain Afterburner Heat
Basic Drive AUX-2P 2 +0.61 kN +106.67 m/s +2.13 p/s +4.27 p/s
Plasma Thruster AUX-2P-MV 2 +0.5 kN +87.22 m/s +8.53 p/s
Inertial Stabilizer AUX-2P-PA 2 +0.38 kN +65.5 m/s +2.13 p/s +4.27 p/s
Persistent Drive AUX-3P-PA 3 +0.59 kN +103.03 m/s +2.95 p/s +5.90 p/s
Falcon Drive AUX-4P-MV 4 +0.61 kN +105.28 m/s +1.90 p/s +3.80 p/s
Mending Drive AUX-5P-PA 5 +0.58 kN +100.00 m/s +4.67 p/s +9.33 p/s
Name Inertial Dampening Dampener Heat Ability
Basic Drive +0.44 kN +9.6 p/s
Plasma Thruster +0.36 kN +9.6 p/s Plasma Thruster
Inertial Stabilizer +0.96 kN +12.8 p/s Inertial Plating
Persistent Drive +0.43 kN +13.27 p/s Persistence
Falcon Drive +0.44 kN +11.39 p/s Falcon Dive
Mending Drive +0.42 kN +21 p/s Mending Drive

Additional Auxiliary Drive PartsEdit

Once the primary auxiliary drive is equipped, you can further increase its performance by equipping parts.  Unique-type parts can be equipped once, while Component-type parts can be equipped any number of times.  Each part uses one slot.

Unique PartsEdit

Name Equipment Tag Afterburner Drain Afterburner Heat Inertial Dampening Dampener Heat Ability
All Stop System AUX-1U-MV All Stop
Chronodrive AUX-1U-PA Chronodrive
Thermal Dampening Module AUX-1U +0.21 kN +1.00 p/s
Dampener Optimizer AUX-1U +0.11 kN -0.40 p/s
Afterburner Efficiency Module AUX-1U -2.67 p/s
Afterburner Cooling Module AUX-1U -5.33 p/s

Component PartsEdit

Name Equipment Tag Afterburner Thrust Afterburner Drain Afterburner Heat
Thermal Afterburner Thrust Module AUX-1C +0.32 kN +3.56 p/s
Overthrust Module AUX-1C +0.45 kN +3.56 p/s +1.78 p/s
Charged Afterburner Thrust Module AUX-1C +0.32 kN +1.78 p/s
Afterburner Thrust Module AUX-1C +0.32 kN +1.78 p/s +0.89 p/s

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