Evasive maneuvers and superior speed.

This Node is specific to Fighters. It contains mostly movement abilities and movement-related passives.

Active Abilities Edit

Astrogami Drive - Teleport forward.

Astrogami Omni-Drive - Teleport in a direction of your choice.

Death Blossom Device - Fire lasers in all directions.

Directional Thrusters - Fire your engines in any direction.

Evasion Drive - Dodge in a direction of your choice.

Power Router - Reduce offensive and defensive ability, but you can move more quickly.

Star Duster - Leave a trail of friction.

Zero Stop Drive - You come to a stop, but your acceleration and rate of using movement abilities increases.

Passive Abilities Edit

Accelatron - You can use movement abilities more quickly.

Avoidance Gyros - Using movement abilities also provides damage resistance.

Kinetic Harness Gyros - Movement abilities now give you energy and reduce heat (instead of costing you energy and increasing heat).

Maneuvering Battery - Fire a rocket when you use a movement ability. If the rocket hits something, movement ability cooldowns are reduced.

Stellar Wind Funnels - High speed increases your energy regeneration.

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