High-powered weaponry and modifications.

This node is specific to Arsenals. Like the standard Weapons Bay, it contains a variety of weapons and boosts to equip, but a lot more powerful. However, these are tailored towards Arsenals, so a lot of equipment not needed by Arsenals (like Gemini Warheads) aren't found in this Node.

Active Abilities[edit | edit source]

A.T.S. - Targets a specific enemy, increasing damage they take and removing their ability to cloak.

Cent-7 Rockets - Rocket that explodes into smaller cluster bombs.

Cruiser Strike Array - Target an area for artillery bombardment.

Echo Turrets - Turrets that stay fixed to your ship and fire when you do.

Ghost Rockets - Rocket that can pass through solid obstacles.

Heavy Dual Cannon - A rapid stream of dual energy bolts.

Heavy Photocaster - Shotgun blast of heavy energy bolts.

Heavy Repeating Photocaster - Automatic energy bolt weapon.

Locked Missile Bay - Gain massive forward speed, then create an explosion when the effect expires.

Longbow Salvo - A burst of basic rockets.

Messier-Six Swarm - Six light homing rockets.

NX180-360 - Fires rockets in a circular volley around you.

Photorpedo Salvos - A burst of anti-hull torpedoes.

Time Bombs - Drops a mine that explodes after a set time is past.

Tri-Beam Emitters - Fires a laser emitter that spins as it moves, damaging enemies in its range.

Web Rockets - Rocket that snares enemies in its blast radius, greatly reducing their speed.

Passive Abilities[edit | edit source]

Advanced AoE Amp - Increases area of effect damage.

Advanced Charged Warheads - Rockets add to enemy's energy.

Advanced Damage Amp - Increases damage for all abilities.

Advanced Laser Amp - Increases damage done by lasers.

Advanced Sapping Warheads - Rockets drain enemy's energy.

Advanced Thermal Warheads - Rockets add to enemy's heat.

Arachnid Warheads - Inflicts friction and grapples on enemies hit with rockets.

Excess Payloads - When killed, drop a large variety of explosives. While not killed, reduces cooldowns for payload-using abilities.

Hostile Quicken - Reduces weapon cooldowns.

Optimized Weaponry - Reduces costs (energy and heat) of using weapons.

Siphoning Mine Cores - Successful mine attacks heal you.

Siphoning Warheads - Landing a hit with a rocket heals you.

Tactical Weapon Booster - Dealing damage to an enemy's hull reduces weapon cooldowns.

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