Cargo Loader

Cargo Loader example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag GMP-2U-CO
Type Utility
Activation Active
Size 2
Cooldown 6 seconds
Charge Time Unknown
Base Payload Unknown
Energy Consumption 30
Heat Generation 30
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Cone ability> <Melee ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

A short ranged attack that grabs and holds enemies within its reach.  After a short period, all held enemies are thrown away violently.

Not to be used with cargo marked "fragile."

Notes Edit

Enemies grabbed with the Cargo Loader are disabled; they cannot move or use abilities. Grabbed enemies are held in front of your ship, right where the weapon ports are. They are disabled for an additional second when thrown, as they tumble helplessly. Feel free to open up with your best weapons at point-black range while your opponent can't fight back.

If you're caught in a Cargo Loader yourself, things become trickier. The Break Macro will get you out. A delayed-teleport ability like Telepotentiator can teleport you out, if the ability was in progress when you were grabbed. Persistence can help you recover from being thrown faster. Resonant Saw and Charged Caster Core will still work on their own even if you're being held. Certain passives like Security Shielding can make you less vulnerable while you're disabled.

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