Ring runner Wiki

Based on R5G Nyrhala

Cunning, stealthy, and wickedly powerful, the Blackjack can grind opponents into scrap before they even know it's there.


  • Gamma Hammer (Weapon)
  • The Drill (Weapon)
  • Stealth Sentinels (Weapon)
  • Redirect Beam (Defense)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Fragility Field (Weapon/Utility)
  • Grapple Tether System (Archetype)
  • Translocate (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

The Blackjack is a stealth, melee ship. You can grapple towards opponents using your Energy Hooks and Grapple Tether System, then pound them at close range with your Gamma Hammer or grind them up by dropping a huge, stationary Drill that creates a magnetic field attracting all hostiles and deals constant damage -- all this while remaining cloaked. Charge up your Gamma Hammer to unleash a spin attack that damages and knocks away all hostiles around you.

Your Stealth Sentinels are three cloaked mines that will orbit your ship for 45 seconds after being deployed. They act as normal mines, damaging an opponent that comes into contact with them, but they can also block an incoming attack for you. In addition, your Gorgon Core module allows these Sentinels to momentarily stun a target they strike. They work against structures too and are a great way to interrupt a core's charge.

Turn the tables on an opponent with Redirect Beam, which diverts all damage you would suffer to them instead for 5 seconds. It can be hard to hit with, but strategic use of a Redirect Beam can really save you. It's particularly good at preventing the opposition from targeting you down with multiple ships since allies can quickly become the cause of each other's demise.

If you need to get out of a sticky situation, use your Sage ability, Translocate, which will allow you to teleport a short distance. Hold down the button to go a bit further.

Counter Strategy[]

The Blackjack has no ranged weaponry. If you can expose it while keeping it at range, it's relatively harmless. Its Phased Perlite Plating reduces area of effect damage it suffers by half, but these kinds of abilities can still be a good way to wear it down.

Its Mending Perlite increases the amount of healing it receives and its Prism Plating transfers 75% of that healing to nearby allies, so it's a good idea to target down any healers in its vicinity.

Watch for its primary source of defense, the Redirect Beam, which diverts all damage you deal it to whichever of your allies it strikes. It's active for 5 seconds, during which a large red beam will connect the Blackjack to your affected ally.

Thanks to its Veterancy and Cloak and Dagger module, the Blackjack's damage is greatly enhanced when striking opponents from behind. Try to avoid letting it get behind you!