Ring runner Wiki

Based on C5R Manta

Hard to see, harder to kill, the Black Lightning strikes from the dark with shocking electrical abilities and heavy-hitting stealth bombs.


  • Protovoltic Arc (Weapon)
  • Statopotential Field (Weapon)
  • Shadowract Bomb (Weapon)
  • Charged Caster Core (Weapon/Veterancy)
  • Telepotentiator (Archetype)
  • Reload (Utility)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

The Black Lightning is equipped with excellent stealth, but you'll want to jump right into the fray with your Telepotentiate, which teleports you a moderate distance in the direction in which you flick.

Your Protovoltic Arc is a laser that chains from target to target, and your Statopotential Field is an area of effect field that deals more damage the more targets it effects, so you'll want to seek out groups of enemies. Once you defeat one, you can set off a chain reaction thanks to your Core Catalyzer, which creates an explosion whenever you destroy an enemy proportional to their total shields and hulls.

If you need to do damage from a distance, release one of your Shadowract Bombs, which deal more area of effect damage the further they travel. They're also not bad to drop in the middle of a group.

You'd expect a stealth ship like this one to be a bit delicate, but thanks to your Perilium Phase Plating and Arc Barrier, all damage you receive while cloaked and overcharged is very heavily mitigated. The combination of your Elastic Shield and Transcendence, which is a passive Sage ability that greatly enhances your regeneration, allows you to recuperate very quickly. And your Contninuity module and Critical Time Loop ensure that you won't be defeated by a sudden spike of damage.

Once you've gained Veterancy charges from defeating opponents, fire your Charged Caster Core to release circular volleys of deadly energy. This ability is great in big groups and takes down structures in no time when used directly over their shielding.

Counter Strategy[]

The Black Lightning can wreak havoc on groups. It's best to hunt it alone. This drastically reduces the effectiveness of its weaponry.

Medium damage works best against the Black Lightning. Its Continuity module will prevent it from suffering more than 33% of its total shields and hulls every third of a second, and its Critical Time Loop will revert it to 2 seconds before it suffered defeat every 30 seconds.

Exposing it from stealth will negate the benefits of its Perlium Harmonizer and Perilium Phase Plating, lowering the damage it deals and increasing the damage it takes. Sapping its energy to prevent it from reaching an overcharged state will do the same, as it negates the benefits of its Excess Capacitor and Arc Barrier. This will drastically weaken the Black Lightning, making it easy prey.