Ring runner Wiki

Based on F5C Isosceles

The Arc combines incapacitating firepower with unbridled mobility.


  • Protovoltic Cannon (Weapon)
  • Pulse Cannon (Weapon)
  • Caster Pulse (Weapon/Movement)
  • Advanced Caster Drive (Archetype)
  • Sage Surge (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

The Arc is simple to play, yet lethally effective. Your Pulse Cannon can be rapid-fired or charged up to release a powerful bolt that results in an area of effect blast. And your Protovoltic Cannon fires a beam of energy that jumps from opponent to nearby opponent. But most importantly, your Focusing Crystal makes the damage you deal to heat up targets, and your Thermal Conductor allows this heat to pass to nearby hostiles. In this way you can easily overheat clusters of enemies, rendering them temporarily incapacitated. The Firebrand module loaded into your Fighter Veterancy will enable you to do up to 20% more damage to opponents based on their current heat levels.

For mobility, you're equipped with a Caster Pulse and Drive. They generate explosions that damage nearby enemies and propel you at great speeds. Thanks to the lightness of your hulls, these bursts are particularly effective.

If you are becoming overheated yourself, or if you find yourself low on power, trigger you Sage Surge ability, which will grant you vast amounts of energy regeneration and heat dissipation. Thanks to your Swift Soul macro, you will also gain a 6 second haste when you trigger Sage Surge.

Counter Strategy[]

If you have abilities to vent your heat, like Forced Ventilation, Heat Canister, or Plasma Trail, you'll be able to avoid the Arc's ability to incapacitate you.

The Arc is very mobile, but not well defended. Take it down with burst damage before it can get away or find a way to slow it down.

Because of its Protovoltic Arc, charged Pulse Cannon, and Thermal Conductor, it's best to fight the Arc one-on-one. In this way, much of its advantages are lost.