Ring runner Wiki

Based on A5 Ring Raider

Be both master and commander with the Admiral, capable of deploying its own mobile army of turrets.


  • Repeating Photocaster (Weapon)
  • Heavy Repeating Photocaster (Weapon)
  • The Rocket (Movement)
  • Gather Deployed (Utility)
  • Amplify Shields (Defense)
  • P.I.N. (Archetype)
  • Martyr Field (Sage)
  • Echo Turrets (Deployable/Weapon)
  • Repeating Photocaster Turret (Deployable/Weapon)
  • Mercurial Beam Turret (Deployable/Weapon)
  • Longbow Turret (Deployable/Weapon)
  • Maintenance Drone (Deployable/Defense)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

The Admiral acts as a mothership for a fleet of turrets. The Flying Fortress module equipped in your Arsenal Veterancy node, allows you to control one extra turret of each kind. For offense you have Repeating Photocaster Turrets, which deal constant damage at mid range, Mercurial Beam Turrets, which deal high damage at close range, and Longbow Turrets, which are great at range. And to keep your army alive, deploy your Maintenance Drones that heal friendly targets within range.

To wrangle your fleet, use Gathered Deployed. It tethers all of your turrets in range for 4 seconds. You can trigger The Rocket ability, which grants you a temporary burst of speed, in order to quickly reposition your army. Use this strategy to pull your force in or out of a tower's range. Remember that the tower's core pulses divide their damage amongst all entities in range, so with your entire fleet in its radius, the damage each of you suffers will be reduced dramatically.

You can also use your Martyr Field ability to keep your army alive; all allies in range are healed whenever a friendly unit is damaged within the field. This renders you nearly invulnerable when coupled with your S.H.A.R.E. module that distributes damage that you and your deployed entities suffer amongst yourselves.

For weapons of your own, the Admiral is armed with a Repeating Photocaster and Heavy Repeating Photocaster. Burst fire them to avoid losing accuracy. Your 3 Echo Turrets, which are affixed to the flanks and in front of your ship, will fire a laser whenever you fire. They can also shield you from incoming damage.

Flick in a direction of an enemy to snare them with your P.I.N. ability, and let your turrets do the work.

Counter Strategy[]

The Admiral is heavily defended, but it's big and slow. Use abilities that are effective against structures. Area of effect weaponry are particularly potent against the Admiral since it and its turrets share 33% of the damage amongst each other. Statopotential Field is a great choice since it becomes more powerful the more enemies it hits.

The Admiral is also susceptible to overheating, but even incapacitated, its fleet of turrets can be difficult to deal with.

Try to avoid attacking the while the Admiral's its Martyr Field is active. You'll typically only end up healing it and its turrets.

Use Sage Wave and other pushing abilities to separate the Admiral from its army of turrets.