A Black Box Affair
A Black Box Affair screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Metrova
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
Mission guide
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Assault and Batteries Defense of the Senior Citizens
Reach Management.

Bonuses Edit

Straight to the Top - Engage Management in under 150 seconds.

Terminated - Defeat Management before it exceeds its defense budget.

Strategy Edit

Each of the boxes will lock you in with waves of increasing rank. The first one will have rank 1 ships, and the last will have rank 5 and hybrid-class ships. They (and you) won't get far in the boxes, so you can use area of effect weaponry to wipe them quickly.

Management is armed with three Titan Cannons. It will occasionally spawn drones and rebuild its arms. It is, however, immobile, so bring anti-structure abilities.

Alternatively, if you fight Management long enough it will eventually shut down.

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